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  • Individuals involved with incident investigation are notified via e-maiI.
  • Other appropriate individuals, such as supervisory personnel, can access investigation reports.


  • Five major user-configurable reporting categories.
  • Unlimited fully user-configurable templated investigation teams.
  • Teams can be modified "on-the-fIy" as needed to reflect specific investigative needs.
  • Ad hoc investigative teams can be created for special functions.

Reports and Audits

  • Wide range of report formats available.
  • Interim reports can be generated instantly using available data.
  • Custom reports available.


  • Verified information is ''locked down" during the course of an investigation, preventing accidental or deliberate tampering with or destruction of evidence.
  • All information is stored in archive records, preventing accidental data loss.


  • Web-based incident reporting and action item tracking system.
  • Scales from a simple records management tool to a full-featured Incident Investigation Management process, with fully user-configurable event definition.


  • Anonymous reporting feature is available. If selected, individuals can report incidents without fear of reprisal.
  • Confidentiality of Privileged information, such as health records, is assured through internal program security measures.


  • Divide responsibility and authority as determined by the severity and type of incident.
  • Pre-create investigation teams to address specific needs, assemble teams "ad hoc”, or combine teams as required.
  • Attach additional documents as needed: photos, graphics, reports, statements, legal briefs, medical reports, etc.
  • Flexible user-defined naming conventions.

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