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Multilingual SmartProcedures

ATR’s next generation of SmartProcedures has architectural changes for multilingual data support. Language identifiers within the data structures allow side-by-side editing and procedure publishing in multiple languages.

Advanced Procedure Research Study

This Texas A&M University study with leading technology provider ATR and a diverse range of industry partners conducts groundbreaking research on leading practices, technology breakthroughs, and human factor engineering to ensure high quality and usable procedures.



Procedure Excellence Writer Workshop
Coming up November 7-8, 2018

We invite you to join us and learn how the industry is improving operational excellence by harnessing human factors research and technology advances to improve procedure quality and usability.

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ExxonMobil Team-Building Event
April 28, 2016

ExxonMobil IT (EMIT) sponsored an ATR-ExxonMobil Partnering Happy Hour at The Main Event (see pictures in slide show). Congratulations are due to our entire Tech Team for delivering a 100% build for ExxonMobil. The ExxonMobil team was thrilled and happy about that. Keep up the great work!

Slide Show

Procedure Writer Training and Certification
September 22-25, 2015

High performing facilities recognize the importance of having formal training and certification programs to ensure procedure writers have the necessary skill set to provide highly reliable and technically accurate procedures.