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Integration Services and Strategy

One of the most salient business needs in today’s world is seamlessly interconnecting two or more systems to allow business processes to flow effectively and efficiently. Most enterprise business systems are equipped with a configurable REST API making interoperability and data flow control possible.

However, as the cliché statement goes, the devil is always in the details. Most of the details involve knowing your data flow and understanding where, why, and how processes will be spawned and what other processes they should spawn through their journey.

Does Your Organization Follow a Procedure Use and Adherence Policy?

Procedure use and adherence comes up often with potential customers when discussing ways procedure programs are managed. Many do not know what a use and adherence policy is, much less if their organization has one. Sometimes leaders will verify their organization has one, but no one has read it.

Procedure Program Operational EXCELLENCE

The state of procedures in the process manufacturing industry is poor compared to other industries such as nuclear and aerospace. There are many reasons for this, but the root cause mostly stems from an industry that is satisfied with minimal compliance of process safety management regulations rather than an obsession for operational excellence. Human reliability and the limitations of paper-based technology vs the availability of digital technologies are other key factors.

Content is Key for the Connected Worker

Connected worker technologies have changed the way manufacturing companies do business. The ability to digitize paper documents, and digitalize the processes surrounding the execution of those documents increases the efficiency of their workers, as well as their safety. Companies can now work more efficiently and safely than ever before.

Wasting away with Word!

Wasting away with Word!

It has been my personal experience that the average procedure writer in the processing industry often would rather eat flies than spend all day formatting documents.

Very talented subject matter experts with tons of operating experience just don't get excited about trying to get Word to cooperate when they insert text or attempt to renumber, and then watch the procedure decompose.

Procedure Training

Procedure Training

How do you train operators on your procedures? Many companies provide a hard copy or electronic copy of the hard copy and have the learner either read it, or, if launched by a typical learning management system open and close it to get credit. In either case, it is doubtful that much learning took place in either case.